Autonomous driving Volvo XC90 almost ready

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Volvo Cars’ and ride-hailing giant, Uber, have joined forces to deliver the first autonomous drive ready (AD) – the AD-ready Volvo XC90 SUV, which is currently in the next stage of pre-series production.

Uber and Volvo Cars entered a joint engineering agreement in 2016 and have since developed several prototypes that have been unsuccessful in avoiding accidents. In light of such mishaps, both parties ventured on till this day and are now in the next stage of pre-series production, which means the XC90 AD SUV will soon hit production lines.

Equipment features of the SUV include back-up systems for functions such as steering, braking and the battery. If any of the primary systems fail, these systems would immediately act to bring the car to a safe stop instead of relying on a human driver to achieve the task.

The XC90 is one of the first autonomous drive-ready cars in the world and previews the type of autonomous base platform that will be available to consumers on SPA2 cars from the early 2020s.