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New BMW M5 unveiled

The original super saloon arrives with Hybrid technology and promises super agility. We can't wait.

The BMW M5 started the trend of stuffing a sports engine in a 4 door saloon and now it has installed Hybrid M-Technology but it promises dynamic, agile drive with that straight line speed.

Let’s start with the numbers that matter. The M HYBRID drive system in the new BMW M5 brings a 4.4-litre V8 engine. The V8 on its own has 430 kW/750 Nm. The maximum output of the electric motor is 145 kW/280 Nm, but a pre-gearing stage allows effective torque at the transmission input to be increased to 450 Nm. Total output is 535kW/1000Nm resulting in a 0-100km/h sprint in 3.5 seconds topping at 250km/h if limited but if you opt for the M Driver’s Package, which is standard for the South African market, the limit is moved to 305km/h. The power generated by the combustion engine and electric motor is channelled to the road via the all-wheel-drive system M xDrive, whose rear-biased setup is particularly pronounced in 4WD Sport mode. However, the driver can also select 2WD mode. This sends drive exclusively to the rear wheels with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system switched off, which will appeal to experienced drivers who prefer a performance experience of the pure-bred variety. This further developed iteration of M xDrive – like the electronically controlled Active M Differential at the rear axle – is tailored specially to the performance characteristics of the M HYBRID drive system.

In all-electric operating mode, the new BMW M5 can hit speeds of up to 140 km/h. The high-voltage battery located low in the car’s underbody has 18.6 kWh of usable energy, enabling an electric range of 67 – 69 kilometres. The Combined Charging Unit of the new BMW M5 allows AC charging at up to 7.4 kW.

The front gains M-Aero design elements with a large lower air intake dominating the front. LED Headlights come standard with Laserlight offered as an option. Wheel arch extensions ensure the M5 has a purposeful stance.

20ich M-Alloys upfront are joined by 21inch M-Alloys at the rear. There is M5 specific surfacing around the C-pillar – including an embossed “M5” logo for the Hofmeister kink. At the same time, an unusually high proportion of surfaces painted in body colour create a puristic appearance with stylish references to its superior dynamic talents. The sports exhaust system of the new BMW M5 underscores the performance experience with electrically controlled, continuously adjustable flaps and the two pairs of dual tailpipes familiar from other M models, each with 100-millimetre trims in Black Chrome. These are housed within the functional sports diffuser with the rear bumper getting unique side reflector lights. A neat spoiler is placed on the bootlid.

As well as the M-specific control panel on the centre console, the progressive sports car cockpit of the new BMW M5 also contains a newly designed, flat-bottomed M leather steering wheel with illuminated M buttons, M multifunction seats with a wide range of electric adjustment and the BMW Curved Display which, like the standard BMW Head-Up Display, includes M-specific content. The standard BMW Live Cockpit Professional also brings the BMW Maps navigation system and the Augmented View function on the control display.

The control panel on the centre console of the new BMW M5 houses a model-specific composition of buttons which can be used to tailor the driving experience to individual preferences in a variety of ways. An upgraded version of BMW iDrive features as standard in the new BMW M5. It is based on BMW Operating System 8.5 and designed squarely for use via touch control and natural speech.

Also playing their part in the exclusive interior ambience are the standard Merino leather trim, the BMW Interaction Bar, four-zone air conditioning, heated front seats, ambient lighting with M-specific interior lighting including Welcome Animation, and the panoramic glass sunroof. And standard specification for the new BMW M5 also provides customers with the Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System, a wireless charging tray, Comfort Access, an alarm system, automatic tailgate operation and the charging cable Professional.

Also fitted as standard are adaptive M suspension with electronically controlled dampers and Integral Active Steering, which steers the rear wheels by up to 1.5 degrees. M-specific tuning, the individually selectable settings and the ability to adjust the dampers at each wheel individually optimise the body’s connection to the road and maximise the car’s spread of talents – from everyday driving comfort to race-ready dynamic prowess. Turning the rear wheels as required improves directional stability at high speed, as well as agility and comfort when manoeuvring.

The local market launch of the new BMW M5 will be between Oct to December 2024.

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