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Review : Jaguar F-Pace SVR

The last ICE engined F Pace certainly knows how to leave a lasting impression on V8 sound dominance.

The Jaguar F-Pace signalled the British makers entry into the SUV segment hoping to take the share of the Cayenne with sports car handling and SUV practicality. Now with ICE no longer going to be part of the British marque, the next F-Pace will be a pure EV. The SVR as its stands signals the last kick of a very loving V8 engine. We said farewell in true brutish ICE with the SVR on test.

The design recently got updated with slimmer LED headlights with twin LED Daytime Running Lights lines. The front bumper also received design and aero updates. The engine cooling is aided by the lovely bonnet scoops finishes in black that shows everyone looking at the SVR it means business. Overall the F-Pace design has been around for some time and the changes are noticeable to a keen eye.

At the rear, it’s the same story with the rear bumper, LED rear light design changes not easily identifiable over the previous design. The standard 21 inch wheels look good but the 22 inch options do exhibit a more sporty street cred style. Quad exhausts at the back are the most significant difference over the standard F-Pace models with an SVR badge placed on the boot lid.

Inside, Jaguar has made a very needed and noticeable change in layout with a fit and finish that is deserving of the Jaguar brand.

The new 11.4 inch curved infotainment touchscreen dominates the dash and is night and day better than the previous models. Having climate controls placed separately with easy to use rotary knob controls makes on the drive operation a lot easy.

Cabin stowage space could be better though.

The digital driver screen is configurable to suite the driver info needs and having the Navigation on the right, speedo-rev in the middle and entertainment data on the right proved a perfect set up.

The standard Meridian sound system has always been one of my favourites when it comes to JLR products but competition has caught on.

The optional slimline semi-aniline leather sports seats on the SVR are the perfect combo between comfort and holding you in all the right places for dynamic driving. Heated, cooled and electrically adjusted, they are a necessary option to tick.

Seating at the back shows the F Pace age with limited knee room. The standard Panoramic glass top does aid the airy feel of the cabin. Our test unit came in the “No I don’t have kids” white leather finish which looks awesome but will likely stain easily.

The main act of the SVR is the 405kW 5.0 Supercharged V8 which now has a torque figure increased by 20Nm to 700Nm. You have to listen to this engine to really admire it with start up designed to annoy the neighbours. Due to emissions and the EV craze, this engine is on its last legs and all the sad for it. Jaguar claims a 0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds, three-tenths faster than before, and a top speed of 286km/h, figures we wont dispute such is the savagery this engine has when pushed. Handling is top drawer and one realises Jaguar targeted the Cayenne as it inhibits sports car like dynamics. What it doesn’t do very well is comfort with a firm suspension feel. The 8 speed auto has received changes aiding its gear changes. All wheel drive is designed for maximum on road traction and it proved so when pushed hard on a damp road where it gives confidence to the driver at every turn. Fuel consumption…….dont ask if you willing to pay R1,835,700 to put one in your garage.

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