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Review : 5 Door Jimmy

Even Toyota Chairman has one in their garage, that should tell you something about the Jimny.

We just passed another Jimny owner, in a 3 door model, and he nearly hit another car trying to get a closer look at the 5 door version we are testing. That’s the umpteen time we have experienced this and we also started to notice just how many Jimny’s are on Mzansi roads.

Our test unit was finished in white exterior colour, a selection I wouldn’t tick as the other more dynamic colours suite the Jimny best. The green “amasosha” like colour works perfect for the Jimny especially when adorned with the off road extras one sees on our roads.

The 15 inch wheels look good but are a tad smaller than one would ideally like. This is especially true judging by how many Jimny owners installed wider and more “buff” tyres on the standard alloys. LED headlights worked a charm and made evening drive an ease in off road driving. The 5 door proportions of the Jimny gives the model a more grown feel.

The dash layout is retained from the 3 door model meaning the infotainment screen takes pride of place on the centre of the dash. Android Auto made Navigation a breeze. Stowage space is a serious limitation though something which Suzuki needs to address. You can buy aftermarket stowage items for cups and other small items stowage.

The one area where Jimny owners will revel in is the additional space afforded by the more practical 5 door layout. A strict two seat at the back (only two seatbelts) with folding seats aiding practicality is a much welcome benefit.

Luggage space is 211 litres which is one of the best aspects of the 5 door over the 3 door and should you require additional space, folding the rear seats gives 332 litres. This might not seem much to other people but to Jimny people, it’s awesome. Opening the rear door with the spare tyre is made easy with the hydraulic shock supporting it.

Powering the 5 door is Suzuki’s tried and tested 75 kW 1.5 litre 4-cylinder motor with 130Nm of Torque. Our test unit came with the 5 speed manual transmission which is geared nicely between city driving and open road driving. 5th gear proved adequately geared to maintain speed even on uphill sections. The steering wheel does take time to get used to with a delayed turn shocking at first when driving but one soon settles into its operation way.

On the road comfort is one of the most astounding positives of the 5 door model. On bumpy roads it absorbed road imperfections not only better than the 3 door model but better than most small SUVs we have tested. Handling is not set up for spirited driving with the relaxed driver approach proving best.

Off road driving is where the little Jimny humbles most 4×4 cars. It comes with 4h and 4L with no differential lock (it’s not needed). In wet roads, simply slot the 2nd gear (old school) into 4H and the Jimny adds composure in slippery roads.

Priced at R457 900, the Jimny GLX Manual 5 door only adds R41 000 over a similar spec 3 door model and that’s worth it in my book.

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