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Review: VW T-Roc 4Motion

Over the 2023 to 2024 Festive Season, VW gave us the opportunity to sample the VW T-Roc in 140kW TSI 4Motion guise.

The design changes were well received by onlookers judging from questions asking if this was a new model. The facelift brought the adoption of design changes to the front bumper, grille with the Daytime LED lights placed vertically on the lower bumper design.

Our test unit came with the optional IQ Light LED matrix headlights (R17 500) which made night driving a breeze. This system allows high beam to be directed on the outer sides whilst not glaring oncoming traffic. This proved a major safety issue at night as it allowed one to see pedestrians and other items on the side of the road a lot easier.

Our test unit came with the optional Black Style Package (R15 000) which meant the 18inch wheels, roof rails were painted in gloss black, privacy glass on rear windows. The large Panoramic glass roof proved a boon during summer as it allowed good lighting to enter the cabin whilst in cooled air-conditioned interior. The Rearview camera made reversing much easier but VW should consider this as a standard item instead of being an option (R4 900).

The facelift T-Roc meant significant changes to the interior which was very welcome considering the previous model fare badly. The large infotainment touchscreen came with Android Auto as standard but I couldn’t connect my phone and ended up having Bluetooth connection.

The Mobile Inductive Charging (R4300) option was useful as it allowed easy charging of compatible smartphones when on the move. The hand gesture feature proved an irritant when driving as it easily picked up hand movements from passengers who had no intention of changing the audio player. I ended up switching it off. The audio quality was sufficient for the “festive season” but the optional Beats does add more oomph to the sound.

The digital instrument cluster is one of the most functional we have come across allowing easy tailor making to suite the info the driver wants to see when driving.

The R Line 4Motion comes standard with leather seats that have heating function on the front seats. During cold mornings this feature proved useful. The drivers seat comes standard with electric adjustment with memory function. Rear seat legroom was limited with front seat space compromised to fit 4 adults during festive drives.

Luggage space proved limited due to the 4Motion system taking space. Even with the space saver option, luggage space proved limited. The ability to fold rear seats added to the practicality.

The R-Line 4Motion comes with a 140kW/320Nm 2.0 TSI engine driving all wheels (4Motion) via a 7 speed DSG. We averaged an impressive in real life driving terms, 8.7l/100km resulting in a full tank range (55 litre tank) of around 700km. The Adaptive Chassis Control – R16 200 allowed selection of driving modes with Eco being quite useful when saving fuel. During the rainy December season, the 4Motion proved a safety item as it allows one to drive easily in wet and slippery conditions.

Driving comfort was good even with 18inch wheels in low profile tyres however these were noisy on tar. The 4Motion system also allows safe handling when pushed but one wouldn’t put it at R (Golf R, Tiguan R) levels of entertainment.

Priced at R698 400 with no options, the T-Roc R-Line 4Motion could be considered expensive but when one takes into account what it offers and its sleek design, its worth the price and its uniqueness in design makes one stand out on the road.

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